Images of the stack of books that provoked the Dent inquiry

Twice a week, I host a conversation called the . I liken it to a grad school seminar meets a live podcast, where we explore important topics such as capitalism and inequality, universal basic income, and social media and democracy.

It started in June with me organizing a few…

On the interdependency of economic, political, and cultural institutions

Creator: retrorocket | Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Born out of a movement of individualism, capitalism is ingenious in many ways. Through labor specialization, private ownership, and the pursuit of self interest — markets coordinate production and consumption for billions of people around the world. Capitalism is an enabler…

A starting point for a broader inquiry on reforming our economic institutions.

National income share of the Top 10% in the US, 1917–2014

The United States has the highest income inequality of all post-Industrial economies, reaching a record high in 2018 when for the first time in US history, billionaires paid a lower effective tax rate than the working class (23%…

Jenny Stefanotti

Steward and Curator at Dent. IG: @developingjen

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